Thomistic scholar and author, Rev. Thomas Joseph White, O.P., delivered the annual St. Thomas Aquinas Lecture on January 28, 2013 at Christendom College. The talk, entitled “How Does the Resurrection of Christ Illumine Human Reason?: From Benedict XVI to St. Thomas Aquinas,” explored the doctrine of the resurrection of the body and its influence on philosophical thought.

Delving into the thought of modern philosophers on the relation of the body to the soul and Pope Benedict XVI’s response to them, Fr. White demonstrated that it was philosophically natural to hope in the resurrection from the dead.

“It is natural to want not to die,” he said. “And just because it is natural to want not to die — in part because we have an immaterial soul that we want to be united with our body — it can never be shown to be irrational to hope for the resurrection from the dead, even if reason cannot prove that we will rise from the dead.”