“It turns out that the conservatives were the opponents to the Constitution and the liberals were the authors of the Constitution,” Georgetown Associate Professor of Government Dr. Patrick Deneen said in a lecture entitled “Men of Great Faith: The Democratic Vision of the Anti-Federalists” delivered on March 26 at Christendom College. “Conservatives have become known as ardent defenders of the Constitution and associate themselves with the framers of the Constitution… So what does it mean to revitalize our conservative knowledge or tradition, if it turns out that contemporary conservativeness is actually a defense of what—at the time of its founding—was the liberal tradition? What does it mean to conserve a liberal tradition?”

The lecture was hosted by Christendom College’s Cincinnatus League with funding provided by The Intercollegiate Studies Institute and the Leadership Institutes’s Revitalize Our Conservative Knowledge (ROCK) on American Campuses Grant.