On October 30, Ms. Olivia Turner was invited to give a talk to the Christendom community on pro-life matters.

Olivia Gans Turner is the director of American Victims of Abortion (AVA), founded in 1985 as an outreach of the National Right to Life Committee. In 1981, while a college student, Mrs. Turner underwent a suction aspiration abortion 12 weeks into her pregnancy.  After suffering an acute emotional reaction to her abortion for almost two years, Mrs. Turner helped organize one of the nation’s first pro-life peer-to-peer post-abortion support groups in the New York City area.  Mrs. Turner became AVA director in 1985, and since that time has spoken on post-abortion syndrome and other abortion-related issues throughout the United States and around the world.  In addition, Mrs. Turner serves as president of the Virginia Society for Human Life, the state affiliate to the National Right to Life Committee.

Mrs. Turner has regularly appeared on such national news prorgrams as Nightline, Good Morning America, NBC’s Today Show, and Fox News Channel.