On April 16 at Christendom College, Founding President Dr. Warren Carroll delivered a lecture entitled “Charles V: The Man Who Saved Christendom.” The lecture—final in a series of history lectures delivered this spring—focused primarily on the person of Charles and his crucial role in the Diet of Worms.

“This period as a whole is the most dramatic in the history of Christendom; it’s not surprising that Shakespeare lived during it,” Carroll quipped.

“It was under Charles that Cortés and Magellan were sent,” Carroll said. “He sent Hernán Cortés to smash the Satanic Empire of Aztec Mexico, built on human sacrifice, making it a place which the Mother of God could visit, as she did in Guadalupe. It was Charles who sent Magellan and his men to make the first voyage around the world.”

A convert to Christianity, Carroll was educated at Bates College and received a Doctorate of History from Columbia University. After founding Christendom College, he served as the College’s president until 1985 and then as the chairman of its History Department until his retirement in 2002. He was the author of numerous historical works including The Rise and Fall of the Communist Revolution and his major multi-volume work The History of Christendom.