On March 26 at Christendom College, Founding President Dr. Warren Carroll delivered a lecture titled “John Schmitz, A Catholic Hero: Rest in Peace.” The lecture was the third in a series of history lectures delivered this spring.

The lecture was a vivid walk down memory lane with Carroll as he spoke of his esteem for his godfather and once-presidential candidate Congressman John Schmitz.

“John Schmitz was a true Catholic hero,’” Carroll said at the beginning of his lecture. “He was the bravest man I have ever known.”

Carroll was educated at Bates College, received a Doctorate in History from Columbia University, and was the founding president of Christendom College. After Carroll’s wife, Anne, Schmitz was the most influential person in Carroll’s conversion to Christianity. Both men were drawn to the conservative milieu of Orange County, California, of the early 1970’s. There, Carroll became Schmitz’s assistant and Schmitz was elected to the United States House of Representatives. Throughout his political career, Schmitz sought to make a difference in the in the nation and the world.