Appeared in 1997-1998, Vol. XXIII, Nos. 3 & 4

The riddle of the human self is in large part due to the enigma of self- contradiction within the human heart, torn between contrary tendencies that prod and compel the appetitive dynamisms of the interior life. In their more vigorous manifestations, sensual drives can display an urgency that seems to elude the full control of the human personality. On the other hand, the human spirit longs for greatness, for communion with others, for the embrace of interior certitudes resting on perduring truths. the existence of such contradictory desires makes any attention to the more intimate regions of the human heart a meeting that can unsettle the fragile security of self- knowledge presumed by a human person. The humbling truism that humanity is a mystery unto itself seems inadequate here.1 A deeper search may be required for the inherent paradox in all self-knowledge.

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