Appeared in Winter 1996, Vol. XXII, No. 4

Fritz Wilhelmsen-no one who knew him ever called him Frederick, and I was privileged to know him well-was a man born out of his time. To the children of this world, this is a reproach; but to those who understand the true moral quality of the last third of the twentieth century, the age of apostasy from Christendom, it is a very good time to be born out of. Fritz was born a crusader, who could have taken part almost exactly as he was in the councils of Raymond of Toulouse and Richard the Lion-Hearted and St. Louis IX of France and Isabel the Catholic and Don Juan of Austria. All these would have understood and appreciated him much better than his own age did. It was his supreme good fortune to link up with, and find soaring inspiration in the last living crusaders, whom the world has forgotten but the Church remembers, the Catholic heroes of the Spanish Civil War. Among them he found a home. To them he was so gracious as to introduce me, and they changed my life as well.

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