Appeared in Winter 1995,  Vol. XXI, No. 4

Twentieth Anniversary Issue

All three of the volumes under review are exceedingly important in that they usefully address the central religious, moral, intellectual, and social policy issues of contemporary american civilization. They belong in all Catholic libraries, both institutional and personal, and should be read, reflected on, and discussed. I state this despite some significant qualifications and disagreements I have with the Hunter volumes that arise from my embrace of a Catholic sociological perspective.

In Culture Wars, Hunter does an excellent sociological job of analyzing the contours of the general cultural battle taking place in America. In his sequel, Before The Shooting Begins, he provides many valuable insights regarding its fulcrum, i.e., the war over abortion. However, Hunter’s analyses are deficient because he ignores or rejects the only viable solution to ending the war and saving the civilization from not only physical dissolution but, more importantly, spiritual rot.

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