Appeared in Winter 1995, Vol. XXI, No. 4

Twentieth Anniversary Issue

With this issue, Faith & Reason marks the end of its twentieth anniversary year. Therefore, this is an appropriate moment for expressions of gratitude. We are thankful, above all, to the Lord for his grace in sustaining the journal through both peaceful and stormy times. We are also grateful for the competent and energetic work of Faith & Reason’s editorial staff since the beginning. Twenty years ago, Jeffrey A. Mirus launched an ambitious project, which he called “A journal in pursuit of Truth,” from his office in the history department of Pembroke State University in North Carolina. After one year and three issues, Mirus brought Faith & Reason with him as he joined in an even bolder undertaking: the founding of a college “dedicated to full Catholic truth in higher education.” Since that time, Faith & Reason has been honored to call itself “the journal of Christendom College.” Mirus edited the journal until 1985. He was succeeded by Timothy O’Donnell, who was editor of Faith & Reason until he became President of Christendom College in the Fall of 1992.

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