Appeared in Spring/Summer 1995, Vol. XXI, Nos. 1, 2

August 1, 1987 was a hot summer day in rome when redemptorists around the world gathered to celebrate the twohundredth anniversary of the death of their founder, St. Alphonsus Liguori. In honor of the occasion the Holy Father wrote a letter to the congregation’s superior general entitled Spiritus Domini praising the Founder and recalling St. Alphonsus’ many accomplishments. The Pope highlighted the saint’s love for the poor and simple, his preaching of popular missions and the study and teaching of moral theology. Concerning this latter point the holy Father wrote:

[T]he good of the person lies in being in the truth and in doing the truth. This essential bond of truth-good-liberty is largely lost in contemporary culture, and therefore today it is one of the proper tasks of the mission of the Church for the salvation of the world to lead people back to seeing this union.                     This Apostolic See, for its part, will not fail to make its contribution to this effort by treating the issues of the foundations of moral theology more fully and more deeply in a document shortly to be released.1 [emphasis added]

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