Appeared in Fall 1992, Vol. XVIII, No. 3

The following excerpts are from an address given by Dr. Timothy O’Donnell on the occasion of his installation as the third president of Christendom College on October 11, 1992.

So spoke Nehemias after the Babylonian Captivity. Today, in many ways, such is the state of the Church and the nation which we love. If the modern western world could be characterized by any single term, that term would have to be “secular.” Our society as a whole seems to have lost the supernatural Christian vision of life. We no longer know who we are, where we are going – with the result that we are confused. What is right? What is true? What is good? What do we mean by the beautiful?

It is the great tragedy of this secularization that we have dropped our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He has faded from public consciousness. Our contemporary age is, and let us be clear, an apostate age. Let us stop for a moment and realize that the central and most important event in the history of mankind – the birth of God Incarnate, who brought truth and salvation to all men calling them to the august dignity of becoming sons and daughters of God, receives virtually no acknowledgement in public life, nor in the private lives of millions of people in nominally Christian nations. Decisions of tremendous importance relating to the future of the life of man on this planet are frequently made without the slightest reference to him who made us.

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