Appeared in Fall 1991, Vol. XVII, No. 3

The following address opened a colloquium on musica Sacra at christendom college, June 28-30, 1991.

Permit me to confess that as I stand before you this evening, I feel a sensation similar to that which of old surely moved the pius pater Aeneas when he stood Рor rather, sat, as Vergil says Рamong the courtiers at Carthage before the infelix regina, the ill-starred Dido, in response to her command to speak. The moment in which I now find myself, that instant between introduction and response, was described by Vergil in the famous verse: conticuere omnes intentique ora tenebant Рall fell silent now, and their faces were all attention (aen. 2/1, c. Day Lewis).

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