Appeared in Summer 1991, Vol. XVII, No. 2

Dr. Robert Herrera offers us an insightful analysis of an unholy Trinity of contemporary aberrations which are corrupting American society: the rise of the pseudo-sacred bereft of intellectual grounding; a new public orthodoxy which seeks a revolutionary restructuring of society; and lastly, a trendy and aggressive “dictatorship of the disadvantaged.”

Somewhere in the Republic, Plato speaks of three revolutionary theories or waves which would surely provoke the hostility of the great majority of people. Today – some 2400 years or so later – one of these waves – the incorporation of women into the ruling class – is accepted by all but the most recalcitrant. The second – the community of children – appears sporadically in the programs of the advanced and progressive sort. The third – rule by the Philosopher-King – has rightly been dismissed as a utopian fantasy, which, after all, is possibly what Plato intended it to be.

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