Appeared in Vol. XIII, No. 1

Beginning with the universal salvific will of God, Fr. William G. Most places the question of the Blessed Virgin’s cooperation in the Redemption within the general context of man’s interaction with grace. He builds upon the teaching of the Council of Trent which states that man’s free will is not purely passive but cooperates with God’s grace. He then uses this insight as a way to move past the difficulties of both the Thomist’s and Molinist’s answers to propose his own solution. This “Mostian solution” lays the theological foundation for examining how Redemption works and its relationship to Covenant. The result is a deeper probing of the teaching of the Second Vatican Council concerning Mary’s contribution to the price of Redemption. This insightful essay by Fr. Most was published in Europe by Miles Immaculatae. We welcome the opportunity to present it to our readers.

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