Appeared in 1986, Vol. XII, No. 2

In this fine essay Fr. Morgenroth probes the Mystery of the Redemption by asking the fundamental question: How are we redeemed? What follows is an exposition of theology as faith seeking understanding. By focusing upon the love of Christ as the center of His redeeming act, he demonstrates how Christ died through us and by the love of His Heart transformed the through us into a for us by becoming a victim for our sin.

Theology is to be in the service of the Church’s task of “teaching all nations”. Pope and bishops and all who are called and commissioned to aid them in this task are to preach not themselves, “but Christ Jesus as the Lord” and themselves as men’s “servants for Jesus’ sake”. If theological effort is not primarily in the service of the gospel, it becomes an instrument of self-seeking, corrupts and becomes corrupt. If theology is faith seeking to understand more deeply the realities that constitute its content, it must be in the service of all men, of believers, and of the vast multitude of those not yet responding to the word of God in faith and sacrament. If theology becomes self-serving, the danger of snobbery (gnosticism) arises, and distortions in content and tone become inevitable. No longer does God shine “in our minds to radiate the light of knowledge of God’s glory, the glory on the face of Christ”. His glory is crowded out by the seeking of one’s own glory.

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