Appeared in Vol. 2 No. 2

A fair analysis of liberation theology (see F&r L•1) reveals at once the complexity of the issues with which it deals, the sincerity of many of its proponents, and the inherent weaknesses of its ap- proach. In the article which follows, Barbara Nauer concerns herself with the popular movements and conceptions which spring, in part, from that same liberation theology. In a presentation which surveys both the main lines of liberationist thought and the practical application of social gospel Christianity, the author draws important connections between the two, and shows how the image of God becomes distorted in each. The result, she suggests, is the raising of idols in the Temple of the Lord.

In our time a great error whIch does much harm to the church, and indirectly to western civilization as a whole, is implicit in liberation theology and the quasi-religious life style which it promotes, social Gospel Christianity. Together these developments represent the incipi- ent triumph, inside the mainline churches and in the minds and hearts of vast numbers of the faithful, of unChristian beliefs concerning the nature of man, beliefs stemming speci cally from the theories of Marx, Freud and Darwin.

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