Appeared in Vol 2. No. 2

The following exegetical piece presents a new approach to understanding certain passages in St. Paul’s epistles, passages which appear on the surface to be contradictory. This approach, called ‘focusing”, suggests that Paul sometimes spoke about the same situation in different ways depending on the point he wished to make and the precise nature of the problem at hand. Since Fr. William Most’s argument is tightly reasoned and adheres closely to the texts in question, readers are advised to consider his case only with the Scriptures at hand, and in conjunction with a careful reading of the passages to which the author refers. In so doing, an additional ben- e t will emerge. The problem texts deal primarily with the Pauline understanding of the respective conditions of man under the Law and under Christ’s grace, and so the discussion sheds much light on the relationship between the Old and New Covenants. Fr. Most thereby stimulates increased understanding of the mystery of salvation itself.

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